Veterinary Use of

Veterinary Use of Cannabis

There are currently no cannabis-based products approved by Health Canada for use in animals. No Canadian veterinarians can legally recommend or prescribe one.  Doing so would be a violation of the law and places that veterinarian at risk for legal repercussions and potentially losing their license to practice veterinary medicine.

Further research is recommended to improve our understanding of the safety and effectiveness of cannabis in veterinary medicine. For now, no cannabis of any type is approved for use in the medical treatment of animals.

It is important to note that although veterinarians are not legally allowed to prescribe any cannabis products to pets, pet owners who choose to use cannabis products for their pets are encouraged to discuss their use with their veterinarian.

Giving cannabis products to pets has unproven effectiveness.  There can be known and/or unknown side effects. Exposing pets to THC-rich cannabis products could put them in a critical medical crisis that requires prompt and appropriate veterinary treatment.

Although veterinarians cannot prescribe cannabis, they can provide pet owners with information on the emerging published studies as they become available, help to avoid potential drug interactions, and guidance on how to recognize and reduce the risk of adverse effects and toxicity.


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