Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare

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Animal Protection Agencies in Saskatchewan

Outside of the above cities, contact:

For all large animal concerns, contact Animal Protection Services of Saskatchewan.

Peer Support

Do you have an animal welfare concern you want to discuss confidentially with another experienced professional?  Contact the following for support/discussion around specific concerns:

  • Large animal concerns; forensic science; forensic photography, courtroom experience
    Dennis Will, DVM       
  • Small animal concerns
    Leo Perlinger, DVM   

  • Mixed animal practice/ Vet tech concerns
    Lorraine Serhienko, RVT  

  • Veterinary Social Worker
    Erin Wasson                                                                    

  • Member Wellness Support Program; personal counselling
    PPC (Professional Psychologists and Counsellors)

Animal Protection Legislation, Regulations and Guidelines

Animal Protection Legislation, Regulations and Guidelines

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