Opening a Veterinary Practice

  1. Only current SVMA member veterinarians are eligible to apply for a new practice. This on-line application form can be found on the SVMA member portal. The applying veterinarian will be listed as the Veterinarian of Record (VOR).  Note: In Saskatchewan, a professional corporation is not required to own a practice.
  2. Available Veterinary Practice categories include:
    1. Companion Animal Ambulatory
    2. Companion Animal Clinic
    3. Large Animal Ambulatory
    4. Large Animal Clinic
    5. Embryo Transfer.

*The SVMA may consider applications for unique and restricted practice types that are in keeping with the evolving nature of the practice of veterinary medicine. Such practice types may include, but are not limited to veterinary consulting services, intensive species work, or government directed activities. Please contact the SVMA to discuss.

  1. The completed practice application, including the proposed name and its intent is reviewed by the SVMA Council.
  2. Once the pre-inspection form has been completed and submitted an SVMA Practice Inspector will review all the documents and advise the Practice Standards Committee (PSC) of the application status.
  3. The SVMA office will schedule an on-site practice inspection at a mutually agreeable time for both the inspector and veterinarian of record. All new practices must be inspected prior to operation.
  4. Any practice deficiencies identified during the on-site visit are immediately communicated to the VOR for correction. A temporary practice approval is provided by the PSC and upon completion of a follow-up inspection which takes place approximately 60 day later. Once all corrections and medical records are reviewed by the Practice Standards Committee and are found to be in compliance, a final practice approval certificate will be issued.
  5. The practice will then be placed on the schedule for regular inspections as required by SVMA regulations.
  6. All SVMA approved, registered and inspected practices can be searched on the SVMA website.

Temporary Facilities

It is recognized that certain areas of the province are underserved in regard to veterinary care. This category, Temporary Facility, has been established so that veterinary services can be provided with the understanding that provision is made for the protection of animals, workers and the public. It is important to recognize that this facility category is an exception, rather than a standard approach to the delivery of veterinary care. Due to their temporary nature, the scope of veterinary services delivered through such facilities are not equivalent to those provided by a permanent clinical practice. Commonly these temporary activities occur in partnership with not-for profit or charitable organizations, who by engaging a sponsoring veterinary practice are able to meet their objectives. The responsibility to the SVMA and the public not only lies with the Responsible Veterinarian applying for the temporary facility, but also with each licensed veterinarian and registered veterinary technologists who engage in the practice of veterinary medicine through the facility. It is required that these activities occur only at specified dates and times as approved in advance by the SVMA Practice Standards Committee and Council. A temporary facility cannot function independent of an existing approved, registered and inspected veterinary practice.

Please contact the SVMA office for more information.

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