Mission Statement

An Association with Two Key Roles

The Saskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association (SVMA) is an organization which brings together the two main functions of regulator and advocate for the veterinary profession in Saskatchewan.

As the regulator of the veterinary profession in Saskatchewan, SVMA is dedicated to the protection of the public by ensuring the proficiency, competency and ethical behavior of its members in the practice of veterinary medicine.

We regulate our own profession through the licensing of veterinarians, registration of veterinary technologists, inspection of practices and disciplining of members as required.

As the advocate for the veterinary profession in Saskatchewan, the Association promotes veterinary professionals and veterinary medicine.

We support the physical, personal, financial and professional well-being of our members through continuing education, public outreach and education and member programs and services.

We believe in:

  • The personal responsibility of veterinary professionals to develop and maintain competency in their chosen area of veterinary medicine
  • Fostering our profession by involvement in education of future and present veterinarians and veterinary technologists
  • Quality veterinary practice, humane animal care and compassionate treatment of the client
  • Providing for public protection and confidence through the fair and unbiased administration of The Veterinarians Act
  • Enhancing the public’s awareness of veterinary medicine and its contribution to society
  • The unbiased treatment of members
  • Members treating each other professionally
  • Supporting members by providing guidance and information
  • Supporting a dedication toward improvement in health and welfare of animals
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