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DVM Membership Categories

Membership is divided into the following categories. Details about each category of membership are included in Membership Categories Operational Policies document.

  • Full General
    A full general practice member is a registered veterinarian licensed to engage in any form of veterinary practise.
  • Limited General
    A limited general member has conditions or limitations imposed by Council. The limited general practice member is a registered veterinarian who practises veterinary medicine in accordance with the conditions of the licence.
  • Educational
    An educational practice member is a registered veterinarian who only engages in the practice of veterinary medicine as an appointee in an internship, residency, graduates studies or other education program approved by SVMA Council.
  • Short Term
    A short-term practice member is a registered veterinarian who is licensed to engage in any form of veterinary practice for a period not exceeding 90 days total in any fiscal year. The short term licence is valid until December 31st of the year in which it is granted.
  • Social
    A social membership may be issued to any person who has held membership in the Association or any equivalent veterinary association. The applicant may not engage in the practice of veterinary medicine in Saskatchewan.
  • Temporary
    Council may at its discretion issue temporary memberships in the Association for the following persons:
    • applicants for membership who are graduates from an accredited veterinary school with confirmation of results of, the North American Veterinary Licensing Examination (NAVLE)
    • completion of the SVMA Licensing Course and examination on The Veterinarians Act and the SVMA Bylaws
    • such other persons as Council may in its discretion see fit.

No independent practice activity is allowed with a temporary licence. The temporary practice member must practise under indirect or direct supervision (as determined by Council) of a General practice member (full or limited).

Licensing Requirements Checklist

Your application cannot be processed until all the required documents have been received.

  • Completed application form, with each item on pages two and three initialed to confirm that it has been completed, read and understood by the applicant.
  • Notarized/certified true copy of your veterinary degree.
  • Notarized/certified true copy of Certificate of Qualification from the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA)
    • (not required if graduated from a Canadian Veterinary School prior to December 31, 1986)
    • provide NAVLE score report if graduated from AVMA accredited college, or
    • provide board certification document(s) if you are applying for a limited membership and do not have Certificate of Qualification
  • Letter(s)of standing from other licensing bodies, if applicable (licensing body to submit directly to the SVMA).
  • Proof of identity: government issued photo ID, driver licence or passport
  • Proof of Canadian citizenship: birth certificate or passport
  • If lawfully admitted into and entitled to work in Canada, notarized/certified citizenship card, residency card or landed papers; passport, VISA, work permit or border authorization
  • If applicable, provide criminal offense statement

Licensing Course

All new Veterinarians must take a licensing course and write and pass an exam. The November 2019 Licensing Seminar presentations were video-recorded and we now have a 4-hour licensing course ONLINE, with four videos to watch and the exam to complete, which covers:

  • information about being a self regulatory body,
  • the range of legislation we must abide by,
  • how the complaints process works,
  • how practice inspection works, and
  • Veterinarian-Client-Patient-Relationship.

The in-person licensing seminars  have been discontinued. The new online format will ensure that new members are receiving the information they need prior to (or shortly after) beginning working in Saskatchewan. The passing grade for the Licensing Exam is 80%. The Licensing Course is $100 (+GST) and is approved for 4 CE hours. First re-write: $100; Second re-write: $250. If unsuccessful on second re-write, candidate must appear before SVMA Council.

Upon approval of SVMA membership, you will be emailed access information which will allow you to log in to the Online Classroom and register for the Licensing Course. New members must complete the new online licensing course within 30 days of membership approval.


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