IM Locum providing free access to temp vet staff accross Canada

SVMA endorses this free platform as being beneficial to members.

IMLocum Introduces Inspired Veterinary Scheduling Solution

IMLocum is revolutionizing how Canadian veterinary professionals and practices connect. The recently launched web-based platform supports veterinary staff by giving them more control over their careers, while providing clinics with immediate access to the qualified professionals they need in an industry often plagued by staff shortages.

“What’s unique about IMLocum is - not only that we’re trying to match clinics with locums and vice versa - we’re actually creat- ing a community of like-minded people with values that they share, as well as a platform that will allow them to educate them- selves, get empowered, and gain control over their schedules,” says IMLocum’s Founder and CEO, Ivana Novosel, noting that - unlike other work scheduling services - the IMLocum platform is always free for locums to use and does not charge finders fees booked shifts.

“At IMLocum, we believe that [a] passion for working with animals shouldn’t lead to burn out, but so often veterinary profes- sionals struggle to have a work-life balance,” states Novosel, noting that, instead, professionals can focus on what they’re good at, and have clinics seek them out as their skills are in demand.

According to Novosel, a locum is someone who temporarily stands in for a person in the same profession. It’s a common practice in both the veterinary and human healthcare fields, where staff shortages aren’t just inconvenient, but expensive and can have a negative impact on efficiency. The search for skilled personnel and available openings - especially at the last minute - come with their own set of challenges, like out-of-date directories and missed phone calls.

“The idea to actually make IMLocum was not an epiphany,” reveals Novosel, who is also a registered veterinary technologist (RVT), a representative on the Alberta Veterinary Technologists Association (ABVTA) board of directors, and Vice President of the Registered Veterinary Technologists and Technicians of Canada (RVTTC). “The problem itself was presented to me so many times that eventually I realized there has to be a better solution in finding placements for locums.”

Enter IMLocum: an online user-friendly portal where veterinary professionals can communicate with clinics in real time. It’s free to register, free for locums to use, and clinics can choose between a nominal monthly fee or as-needed basis. Everything else, such as wages and contract details, are negotiated between the connected parties.

“It’s almost analogous to a dating platform in that allows veterinary clinics to find locums, and locums to find clinics in need of help,” Novosel explains, adding that opportunities await for veterinarians, veterinary technologists, support staff, and even stu- dents. “[You can] find your match and book shifts with the click of a button, right from your smartphone or laptop.”

IMLocum is currently available to veterinary professionals and practices in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan, with plans to expand the service into Ontario before the end of the year. But even as IMLocum grows across the country, Novosel is adamant about the platform’s core mission: “Helping veterinary professionals stay in the industry longer and thrive. The goal of IMLocum is to help people who help animals. Period.”

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Ivana Novosel, MSc, RVT
Founder & CEO IMLocum