Advisory about Bylaw restriction on direct delivery


VetStore is an online ordering service for veterinary pharmaceuticals, pet foods and other veterinary products.  Although VetStore is currently marketing itself throughout our province, this online ordering tool cannot be used for food or pharma delivery in Saskatchewan.  Here’s why:

SVMA Bylaw 31.11.17 states:
Where a valid VCPR exists, all pharmaceuticals and biologicals must be sold, distributed or shipped directly from the member’s office or clinic, which has been inspected by the SVMA or other provincial licensing body, or dispensed from a licensed pharmacy located in Saskatchewan.

So what’s wrong with direct delivery?  Isn’t online ordering and home delivery the norm in today’s economy? Direct delivery can be more convenient for anyone, but these are the problems when it comes to veterinary products:

A)  Quality of perishable or environmentally sensitive products, including all pharmaceuticals and prescription foods, is not safeguarded.  Direct distributor to client delivery opens up the potential for theft, freezing, overheating, UV exposure, moisture and untold other forms of damage at the destination when products are left exposed to the elements.

B) Any food or medications you recommend to your clients contributes to the end result of their production efforts or desire to care for their pets.  All of this depends on the use of quality products.  When these products are delivered to your veterinary clinic, quality is guaranteed, and as the prescriber, you are on hand to advise properly on their effective use.

The bottom line is, distributor-to-client direct delivery does not meet the requirements of the VCPR you have established through the SVMA bylaws you have approved. The VCPR is in place to protect you, your patients and your clients. 

Please contact Dr Judy Currie with any questions you may have about this or any regulatory matter.