Rabies in Saskatchewan Sept 2015

There have been rabies positive bats found in the Saskatoon and Rosthern areas in the last couple of weeks.  One case involved human exposure as you may have seen on the news or in the paper.  Clients should be reminded to bring their pets’ rabies vaccination status up to date.

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There were six (6) positive cases detected under the response program from August 1-31. There were two (2) positive cases detected under the surveillance program (no human or domestic animal contact).

Contact with a positive skunk has resulted in the destruction of several unvaccinated cats. In another case, a fully-vaccinated cat was in contact with a bat, and the only required action was booster vaccination.

There was human contact in four (4) cases. In one of these cases, multiple exposures occurred when an injured skunk was rescued for treatment and rehabilitation and later died of rabies. In another, the rabid bat was found indoors with young children and had the potential for multiple exposures. And in a third case, several children handled a sick bat, again resulting in potential multiple exposures.

For further information, contact:

Wendy Wilkins, DVM PhD
Disease Surveillance Veterinarian
Animal Health Unit, Room 202
Ministry of Agriculture
3085 Albert St
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4S 0B1

306-798-0253 (wk)

306-798-0096 (fax)