2017 Fee Guides are now available

2017 Large and Small Animal Fee Guides are now available.

The Saskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association (SVMA) and the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) are pleased to provide the 2017 Saskatchewan Suggested Fee Guide.
Please note that the Fee Guide was prepared for the SVMA to provide only a guideline of fees that are considered fair and reasonable. The suggested fees are not binding on any veterinarian, and there is no obligation to follow the suggested fees in the Fee Guide. Any veterinarian who does not follow the suggested fees will not suffer in his/her relationship with SVMA or CVMA, or members or affiliates of SVMA or CVMA.

Members of the veterinary profession must remember that conspiring to fix fees is a serious matter, which could result in a breach of the Federal Competition Act. Saskatchewan veterinarians should not cooperate or agree amongst themselves to use the Fee Guide to influence upwards fees for veterinary services. The use of the Fee Guide in whole or in part, by any veterinarian is a matter of individual choice. We would appreciate your feedback on the Suggested Fee Guide’s usefulness. Please direct questions or concerns to Darren Osborne at the OVMA office for referral to our Economics Committee.

Judy Currie, DVM          Troy Bourque, DVM
Registrar, SVMA             President, CVMA


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