2021-2022 Approved CE

2023 Approved CE

Date Sponsor/Host Program Title Contact Information or Web Link Hours Will this be online afterwards?
05-Jan-23 Merck Animal Health Nutritional Recommendation for Sheep and Goat Flocks 1 No
10-Jan-23 CommuniVET Taking a bite out of feline dentistry https://www.communivet.com/en/ca/education/webcasts/feline-dentistry 1 Yes
11-Jan-23 WCVM Mixed Animal https://wcvm.usask.ca/education/mixed-animal-ce.php#CEsessions 9 Yes
11-Jan-23 Merck Animal Health Surgical Techniques to Deal with the Complicated C‐Section and Umbilical Hernia 1 No
19-Jan-23 Edmonton Association of Small Animal Veterinarians Cranial Nerves and Approach To Neutomuscular Disease https://www.easav.ca/event.aspx?id=1218 2 Yes
19-Jan-23 CommuniVET Mental wellbeing at work: What you can do for yourself and your team https://www.communivet.com/en/ca/education/webcasts/mental-wellbeing-at-work 1 Yes
19-Jan-23 Western Canadian Association of Bovine Practitioners (WCABP) WCABP 32nd Annual Conference https://www.wcabp.com/events/2023-conference-information-2 16 Yes
22-Jan-23 Calgary Academy of Veterinary Medicine (CAVM) Dentistry Lecture (Day 1 of 2) info@cavm.ab.ca 3 Yes
25-Jan-23 CommuniVET Vaccination conversations on CommuniVETTM Part 3 Gaining alignment on a clinic vaccination plan https://www.communivet.com/en/ca/education/webcasts/gaining-alignment-on-a-clinic-vaccination-plan 1 Yes
29-Jan-23 Calgary Academy of Veterinary Medicine (CAVM) Dentistry Lecture (Day 2 of 2) info@cavm.ab.ca 3 Yes
12-Feb-23 Edmonton Association of Small Animal Veterinarians Jumping Through The Hoops - getting owners on board with weight loss programs https://www.easav.ca/event.aspx?id=1220 3 Yes
07-Mar-23 University of Alberta Western Canadian Dairy Seminar www.wcds.ca 15 No
08-Mar-23 Calgary Academy of Veterinary Medicine (CAVM) Hematology, cytology, and urinalysis case review: a focus on the little things. info@cavm.ab.ca 2 Yes
12-Mar-23 Calgary Academy of Veterinary Medicine (CAVM) Dentistry Wet Lab info@cavm.ab.ca 4 No
18-Mar-23 Pulse Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Pulse Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Inaugural Annual CE Session https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/99ZT875 4.5 No
02-Apr-23 Calgary Academy of Veterinary Medicine (CAVM) Updates in Neurology info@cavm.ab.ca 6 Yes
19-Apr-23 Calgary Academy of Veterinary Medicine (CAVM) Emergency & Critical Care info@cavm.ab.ca 2 Yes
07-Feb-23 Merck Animal Health 2023 Coffee Talk webinar series lee.sinclair@merck.com 1 No
08-Feb-23 CommuniVET To affinity and beyond: An arthritis story https://www.communivet.com/en/ca/education/webcasts/an-arthritis-story 1 Yes
25-Feb-23 Movora Principles of Fracture Repair Workshop https://education.movora.com/visitor_catalog_class/show/1055993/VOI-Principles-of-Fracture-Repair-Workshop 18 No
01-Mar-23 CommuniVET Canine osteoarthritis: How we can work together to simplify a complex problem https://www.communivet.com/en/ca/education/webcasts/canine-osteoarthritis 1 Yes
22-Mar-23 Merck Animal Health Tick ID Wet Lab kathleen.keil@merck.com 2 No
28-May-23 Calgary Academy of Veterinary Medicine (CAVM) Updates in Oncology info@cavm.ab.ca 6 Yes
04-Jun-23 Calgary Academy of Veterinary Medicine (CAVM) Patient Safety info@cavm.ab.ca 4 Yes
05-May-23 Western College of Veterinary Medicine Ultrasonography and Embryo Transfer Workshops https://wcvm.usask.ca/education/ultrasound.php 42 No
17-Jan-23 Boehringr Ingelheim Equine Asthma ana.graham@boehringer-ingelheim.com 1 No
10-Feb-23 CommuniVET How to incorporate a complete dental examination and diagnostic dental radiographs into your practice https://www.communivet.com/en/fa/education/webcasts/how-to-incorporate-a-complete-dental-examination 1 Yes
08-Feb-23 Duck and Partners Interpretation of Neurologic Examination Findings-Where Do You Go Next? 1 Yes
16-Feb-23 Duck and Partners Neonatology for the Field Practitioner: Being Prepared for Times When Things Don’t Go as Expected 1 Yes
22-Feb-23 Duck and Partners Understanding the Pre-Purchase Exam in the Equine Athlete 1 Yes
15-Feb-23 CommuniVET Parasite resources in harmony – Strategic use of CPEP and CAPC materials to optimize parasite prevention and surveillance in our patients https://www.communivet.com/en/ca/education/webcasts/parasite-resources-in-harmony 1 Yes
17-Feb-23 CommuniVET The behaviourist’s perspective https://www.communivet.com/en/ca/education/webcasts/the-behaviourists-perspective 1 Yes
07-Mar-23 Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets A Nutritional Approach to Osteoarthritis Management carol.hung@purina.nestle.com 1 No
14-Feb-23 Boehringer Ingelheim Equine Asthma + EGUS lecture and Wetlab lana.graham@boehringer-ingelheim.com 6 No
17-Jan-23 Boehringer Ingelheim Equine Asthma lana.graham@boehringer-ingelheim.com 1 No
22-Mar-23 CommuniVET Creating a cat-friendly experience with feline synthetic pheromones https://www.communivet.com/en/ca/education/webcasts/feline-synthetic-pheromones 1 Yes
09-Jan-23 Merck Animal Health Fluralaner Family Lunch and Learn 1 No
14-Apr-23 CommuniVET Practical approach to the management of acute hemorrhaging diarrhea syndrome https://www.communivet.com/en/ca/education/webcasts/practical-approach-to-the-management-of-ahds 1 Yes
05-Apr-23 Zoetis Canada Inc. A New Era in Pain Management https://forms.office.com/r/zQ78fYT0d1 1 No
23-Feb-23 Merck Animal Health Strategies to Increase Profitability in Beef Herds 2 No
01-Mar-23 Merck Animal Health National Tick Awareness Month 2023 / Mois national de sensibilisation aux tiques 2023: Filling in the Knowledge Gaps: What recent research is telling us about pet owner understanding of ticks and the role of the veterinary team. gabriel.trudel@merck.com 1 Yes
08-Mar-23 Virbac Puppy problems: a case-based approach to communication and treatment https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/4939505839359203164 1.5 No
16-Feb-23 Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets A Nutritional Approach to Weight Management carol.hung@purina.nestle.com 1 No
15-Apr-23 Edmonton Association of Small Animal Veterinarians Practical local anesthesia techniques for busy DVMs and RVTs wet-lab https://www.easav.ca/events.aspx 2 No
12-Apr-23 Edmonton Association of Small Animal Veterinarians Practical local anesthesia techniques for busy DVMs and RVTs lecture https://www.easav.ca/events.aspx 1.5 Yes
21-Feb-23 CommuniVET Learn how to create a business culture that fosters a high level of employee engagement https://www.communivet.com/en/fa/education/webcasts/business-culture-for-employee-engagement 1 Yes
22-Apr-23 WCVM Occupational exposures in veterinary medicine and Hands-free radiology training with hands-free xrays https://wcvm.usask.ca/education/continuing-education.php 3.5 No
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