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SVMA Member Wellness Support Program

Did you know the SVMA provides four hours of wellness counselling annually, and now, for ALL active SVMA and SAVT members?

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Featured Article
Compassion fatigue and burnout are not the same thing...

Dr Marie Holowaychuk

Veterinary medicine attracts people with a drive to help others.  Veterinary care providers tend to have high levels of compassion, which is a deep awareness of another person or animal’s suffering, coupled with a desire to relieve it.  While this trait enables veterinary care providers to experience compassion satisfaction, which is a joy or sense of achievement in helping others and providing high quality patient care, it can also take its toll personally and professionally.  With repeated exposure to traumatic events, moral stressors, and occupational demands, compassion fatigue and burnout can occur.  However, while these two phrases are often used interchangeably and elicit some of the same signs, they are not the same.   Click to read the rest of Marie's article.

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Veterinary Wellness Workshops & Retreats

Dr Marie Holowaychuk Veterinary Wellness Workshops & Retreats


If I Had Only Known: 'Aha' Moments in Practice

"When I started practice, I had a standing appointment with a counsellor, not because there was anything wrong per se, but because I anticipated the challenges of veterinary medicine and wanted to be proactive. My counsellor was a constructive outlet and advisor, and helped me to equip myself with the tools to build resilience. This is self-care."

- Dr Katelyn McIntyre, WCVM 2014 and Wellness Committee Chair

Family Health & Fitness

In Motion - tips for getting fit for you and your family Real Age - Find out your real age and get tips on how to improve your fitness and diet.
Health Canada - Canada's Food guide, consumer product safety information, drugs & health products, health care system and more.
Heart & Stroke Foundation - Visit this page for local programs, risk assessment, how to recognize stroke and heart attack symptoms
Kids Help Line - 24 hour counseling line for kids Call 1.800.668.6868
Provincial Parenting Education Network - parenting education
The Incredible Parent Directory 2014

Family service agencies

Family Services Regina - 757.6675
Catholic Family Services of Regina - 525.0521
Family Services Saskatoon - 244.0127
Catholic Family Services of Saskatoon - 244.7773
Moose Jaw Family Service Bureau - 694.8133
Catholic Family Services of the Battlefords - 445.6960
Catholic Family Services of Prince Albert - 922.3202
S.I.G.N. - Yorkton - 783.9409

Addiction supports

Alcohol and drug services - Government of Saskatchewan
Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Call Saskatoon 665.6727 - registry of meetings for the province (9 a.m. to midnight: emergency service midnight - 9 a.m.)
Problem gambling - Sign and symptoms; Help Line - 1.800.306.6789
Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Saskatoon and district meetings - call 652.5216
Families Anonymous (FA)

Anxiety and mood disorders

Mental health services - Saskatchewan Health Canadian Mental Health Association


The Arthritis Society

Community living

Saskatchewan Association for Community Living


Canadian Cancer Society

Domestic violence

The Alternatives to Violence program provides services to perpetrators of partner abuse, including voluntary and court mandated individuals. These specialized programs, offered through the health region mental health services are available in:
Prairie North Health Region - 306.446.6500
Heartland Health Region - 306.882.6408
Parkland Health Region - 306.765.6031
Qu'Appelle Health Region - 306.766.7800
Saskatoon Health Region - 306.655.8989
Cypress Health Region - 306.778.5280
Sun Country Health Region - 306.842.8665
Sunrise Health Region - 306.786.0558

Services for Women Provincial Association of Transition Houses

Grief and bereavement counselling

Chartier, Arnold, Brock & Assoc. - 664.6647 (Saskatoon0 Adult Grief & Loss Support Group - 955.1600 (Saskatoon) Prairie Therapists & Trainers, Inc. - 665.6242 (Saskatoon) Pet Loss Support Group - meets the first and third Sunday of every month at 2:00 pm W.A. Edwards Family Centre, 333 4th Ave N, Saskatoon. Call (306) 343.5322

Articles and Studies


Help/crisis lines

EstevanHelp line - 634.3400
Estevan Family Violence Help Line - 634.3400
Kindersley - 463.6655
Kindersley W.C. Crisis & Family Support - 463.4357
LaRonge Family Services Centre - 425.3900
Lloydminster Crisis Line -403.875.1277
Melfort NE Crisis InterventionCentre - 752.9425
Moose Jaw Crisis Information - 694.1311
Moose Jaw Women'sTransition - 693.6511
North Battleford Crisis Line - 446.4444
North Battleford Interval House - 445.2742
Prince Albert Mobile Crisis Unit - 764.1011
Prince Albert Mental Health - 763.7747
Regina Mobile Crisis Unit - 757.7803
Regina Sexual Assault Line - 352.0434
Regina Transitional Women's Society - 757.2096
Saskatoon Child Protection Services - 933.6077
Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Services -933.6200
Saskatoon Mental Health Clinic - 665.4000
Saskatoon Mobile Crisis Centre- 933.6200
Saskatoon Rape Crisis/Sexual Assault - 244.2224
Saskatoon RUH Psychological Services - 655.2341
Saskatoon Interval House - 244.0185
Saskatoon Sexual Assault - 244.2294
Saskatoon Tamara's House (shelter) - 683.8667
Spiritwood A.B.U.S.E. - 883.2497
Swift Current SW Crisis Services - 778.3833
Yorkton Crisis Centre - 783.5300

Counselling, human relations and mediation services

Registered social workers Saskatchewan Health Penney Murphy & Associates - 242.1010 (Saskatoon) Professional Psychologists and Counsellors - 664.0000 (Saskatoon) Chartier, Arnold, Brock & Assoc. - 664.6647 (Saskatoon) Professional Counselling & Mediation (Saskatoon) - 934.5898

Pain (chronic and pain management)

Chartier, Arnold Brock & Associates (Saskatoon) - 664.6647 Chronic Pain Centre (Saskatoon) - 665.6242 Canadian Pain Society