Update on SK assistance with Ft Mac emergency response



Update on Fort McMurray wildfire emergency response efforts

Fort McMurray has been at the forefront of the media since the May 2016 wildfires, which still continue to burn in some parts of the western provinces .  In one way or another all of us in the west have been affected by the ongoing wildfires.

The animal rescue and emergency veterinary care for all the displaced animals was a huge undertaking. Led by the Alberta SPCA and the ABVMA, the Alberta Spay Neuter Task Force and several other organizations teamed up to assist in the rescue and care of over a thousand animals.

In support of the amazing work being done by volunteers in the rescue effort, the SVMA Council approved a $15,000 donation to the Alberta SPCA to assist with the care of the animals of Fort McMurray.  

Lorraine Serhienko, RVT and SVMA Administrative Coordinator, was onsite in both Edmonton and Fort McMurray during the time of the crisis and and was interviewed on CJWW afterward.

Here is a link to an audio file of that interview: CJWW June 29 Interview with Lorraine Serhienko


Photo credit- The Canadian Press
As of June 30, 2016:
1,192 records of animals evacuated out of Ft Mac and surrounding areas to Edmonton (May 8-19)
1,068 animals were reunited with owners
54 animals were signed over to adoption agencies (31 of which are still scheduled for reunions)
47 animals were surrendered
23 animals deceased (owners have been notified)