Unusual zoonotic diseases identified in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan veterinarians need to be advised about some unusual zoonotic diseases identified in Saskatchewan in the last month, as well as useful links to educational material:


Grasslands National Park- news release re: plague in prairie dogs:

Information on plague and pets from CDC:


Identified in rabbit and squirrel in Saskatoon.  See the CWHC blog on the subject:

CDC tularemia page:

Rat Bite Fever:

A case was identified in a person in Saskatoon, believed to be linked with a pet hamster bite, though the family also had two fancy rats.  Rat bite fever has not been associated with hamsters previously.  The pets came from a  large national pet store chain.  Public health is the lead on these cases.

CDC rat bite fever information:

Below is some Health Canada information for the public on safe handling of small rodents and other pets, that can be used as a reminder to clinic staff and to educate clients:

For more information contact:

Betty Althouse, DVM
Government of Saskatchewan
Chief Veterinary Officer
Livestock Branch, Ministry of Agriculture
Room 202-3085 Albert St.
Regina, SK S4S 0B1
Bus: 306-787-5547
Cell: 306-535-3476