Sheep biosecurity updates Dec 2015

SSDB Biosecurity Checklist Dec 2015

Sheep Biosecurity Fact Sheet Dec 2015


The Saskatchewan Sheep Development Board (SSDB) continues to seek ways in which we can best serve our producers.  We are currently working on a number of initiatives that provide producers with the services they require to manage their flocks.  We continue to encourage sheep producers to build better working relationships with veterinarians.  Veterinarian services and good working relationships with our producers are extremely valuable to our industry.

A new initiative we are making available to our members is the Saskatchewan Sheep Biosecurity Program.  Securing a farm for biosecurity is about knowing the risks of disease transmission and the ways in which animals can be exposed to disease, and taking steps to minimize those risks. Prevention through biosecurity is the most cost-effective protection from animal diseases.  The Saskatchewan Sheep Biosecurity Program will provide producer funding of 50% eligible costs to a maximum of $1000  to be used to cover the cost of a veterinarian visit for the purposes of completing a flock and farm inspection and assisting the producer in creating a flock health biosecurity plan. This funding is available to producers upon completion of biosecurity training.   All sheep producers in the province have been sent program details and the Biosecurity Checklist.

We are asking for your assistance in building these relationships.  If you have a current client relationship with a sheep producer please be aware of this funding  available upon completion of the biosecurity checklist and program once the producer has completed the biosecurity training. You may also get a call requesting assistance in developing a bisecurity program for a flock which may initiate a new working client relationship with a lamb producer.   The funding made available to producers is an excellent opportunity for the building of a Flock Health Biosecurity Plan and a veterinarian relationship.

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to call me at 306-933-5582 or send me an  email  

Gord Schroeder
Executive Director SSDB