Rabies in SK - December 2016

Status of Rabies in Saskatchewan -  December 2016

There were seven (7) positive cases detected from November 1 – 30.

There were four positive skunks:

Case 1: three unvaccinated cats were vaccinated and quarantined for three months.

Case 2: one dog with out-of-date vaccinations was re-vaccinated and quarantined for three months; two people received RPEP.

Case 3: one previously vaccinated dog was re-vaccinated (no quarantine).

Case 4: two previously vaccinated dogs were re-vaccinated (no quarantine).

There were two positive bats with domestic animal contact:

Case 1: one person received RPEP.

Case 2: a previously vaccinated in-contact dogs was re-vaccinated (no quarantine).

There was one case of rabies in a dog, in a puppy that was already under quarantine due to history of contact with a positive skunk. The owner had already received RPEP due to contact with the same positive skunk. There was no additional contact with humans or other animals during the quarantine, and no further action was necessary.

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For further information please contact:

Wendy Wilkins, DVM PhD
Disease Surveillance Veterinarian
Animal Health Unit, Room 202
Ministry of Agriculture
3085 Albert St
Regina, Saskatchewan S4S 0B1

306-798-0253 (wk)
306-798-0096 (fax)