Mentorship Program

Are you interested in mentoring a student at your clinic this summer?  Let us know by dropping a note to and we'll pass the information on to potential applicants.

2018 Mentorship Students and Practices

  •  Heather Barnett at Labrash Veterinary Services
  •  Cassandra Brassard at Deep South Animal Clinic
  •  Willow Burnes at Animal Health Clinic of Humboldt
  •  Esther Derksen at South West Animal Health Centre /Associate Pet Hospital
  •  Hayley Down at Valleyflats Veterinary Services
  •  Erika Driedger at McCarthy Veterinary Services
  •  Rachel Flath at Norsask Vet Group, Rosthern /Warman
  •  Brigitte Hautcouer at Earl Grey Veterinary Services
  •  Lindsey Monea at Animal Hospital of Assinniboia /Borderland Veterinary Clinic
  •  Jasmine Tenkink at Park Range Veterinary Services