High concern about proposed tax changes to small business

You may or may not have heard about the federal government’s proposed changes to taxation of small business across the country, particularly with regard to passive income.

Your SVMA Council and your colleagues are very concerned about the potential damage such a change could inflict on our businesses and our professional futures.  Dr Lesley Sawa, your newly elected Council president, has written to the federal government on all of our behalf, but individual communications from all small business owners are key to the success of potentially overturning this proposed legislation.

Cleick for a draft letter that can be modified and personalized to reflect your thoughts and concerns on this matter.  

Please edit as you see fit, customize it with your own name and letterhead and forward to one or more of your provincial or better yet, federal representatives. 

List of current federal offices and representatives

The link to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business below will provide more information.


It is urgent that as many of us as possible speak up, loudly and as soon as possible!
The federal government has stated publicly that decisions on this proposal are going to be made by the end of September 2017!

With concern and appreciation,
Your SVMA Council and Practice Economics Committee