CVMA Animal Welfare Advocacy Position Statements



The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) has released the following new position statements:

Humane Mass Depopulation of Animals

The CVMA holds that when mass depopulation of animals is undertaken, methods used must result in rapid death or rapid loss of consciousness that persist until the time of death. Loss of consciousness should be accomplished by methods that minimize anxiety, pain, distress or suffering in animals. Mass depopulation protocols must be developed under veterinary oversight.

Humane Slaughter of Animals

The CVMA holds that, when farmed animals are killed for food, the methods employed must minimize fear, anxiety, pain, distress and suffering, and they must result in immediate and confirmed death or rapid loss of consciousness that persists until the time of death. Though slaughter-without-stunning is currently allowed in Canada under certain circumstances, the CVMA is opposed to the practice as it causes avoidable pain.

Visit the Position Statements page of our website under the Policy & Advocacy section to read the complete statements and see all CVMA position statements.

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