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Continuing Education - Upcoming Events


Apiculture: Honeybee Management, Health and Disease

Feb 10 - Feb 17, 2018
Regina, Saskatoon, SK
Scientific CE Hours: 4
SK Agriculture and SVMA bring you 4 hours of scientific CE on Honeybees:

* Bees as livestock and seasonal cycles;
* An overview of bee biology – comparisons and contrasts to other livestock
* Bee management – commercial and small scale and implications to bee health
* Implications of bee biology on disease spread biosecurity and disease management – how this differs to other livestock animals
* Bacterial diseases – use of antibiotics
* Other important diseases and pests (particularly with symptoms that may be confused with the bacterial diseases)
* The Apiaries Act
* Prescription format for in-feed medication

Geoff Wilson, Provincial Apiculture Specialist, Ministry of Agriculture
Dr Elimir Simko, Professor, Department of Veterinary Pathology, WCVM
Dr Wendy Wilkins, Surveillance Veterinarian, Ministry of Agriculture

Saturday February 10- 10:00 am - 2:30 pm - Regina
Saturday February 17- 10:00 am - 2:30 pm - Saskatoon

A Conversation about Animal Welfare in Saskatchewan

Saturday March 3, 2018
North Battleford, SK
The Conversation about Animal Welfare in Saskatchewan continues …

The effects of animal abuse and neglect touch all of us. The reality is, abuses of pets and livestock persist. This full day of approved scientific CE will address the following in a conversation with veterinary professionals about dealing with abuse and neglect:

• Changes to the Animal Protection Act going into effect
• What is mandatory reporting going to mean? – issues, consequences
• Food animal treatment in the real world – off sale animals; what’s normal… what’s right?
• Psychology of euthanasia; making respectful end-of-life decisions
• Tools, contacts and pathways for preventing animal suffering

Dr Dennis Will, retired CFIA
Dr Yolande Seddon, WCVM Large Animal Clinical Sciences
Ms Kaley Pugh, Director, Animal Protections Services of Saskacthewan

Saturday March 3 North Battleford
Saturday March 17 Regina
Saturday April 7 Saskatoon



CVMA Convention

Jul 5 - Jul 8, 2018
Vancouver, BC
Join us and experience the beauty of Vancouver and the west coast while earning valuable CE credits. Vancouver offers majestic mountains, glistening oceans, rainforests, world class shopping, gourmet meals, live entertainment, outdoor adventure, and much more! Vancouver is the “Gateway to Adventure” with easy access to Whistler, Vancouver Island, and the Canadian Rockies.


WCABP 27th Annual Conference

Jan 18 - Jan 20, 2018
Calgary, AB
Scientific CE Hours: 18
Contact Phyllis Mierau for information.


CenCan Central Canadian Veterinary Conference

Feb 2 - Feb 4, 2018
Winnipeg, MB
2018's CenCan Conference theme is 'The Essence of a Changing World'. Registration opens in December at www.mvma.ca. For information, contact Tracy Rees at trees@mvma.ca.

Online - Upcoming Events

Fear Free Certification Program

Non-Scientific CE Hours: 7.0
The Fear Free Certification Program teaches veterinary professionals how to provide calming environments for their patients and educate clients on the advantages of a Fear Free visit for the health and well-being of their pets (as well as that of the pet owner and the hospital team). This is an online webinar series with 8 modules to be completed at the user's own pace.

Antimicrobial Resistance videos

Scientific CE Hours: 1
These videos are the first CE offered by SVMA in video form. Both address the problem of antimicrobial resistance and how it relates to veterinary practice.

These two one-hour videos from the Just Like You series created by Dr Bob Bellamy (Moose Jaw, SK) can be viewed by logging in to the SVMA member's side. Answer a few short questions at the end for an hour of AMR CE credit.

Ongoing - Upcoming Events


Mental Health First Aid Basic Course

Various, SK
Non-Scientific CE Hours: 12
What is Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)?
Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is the help provided to a person developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis. Just as physical first aid is administered to an injured person before medical treatment can be obtained, MHFA is given until appropriate treatment is found or until the crisis is resolved.
The course is a 2 day certification course (12 hours in-class), and you must attend all 12 hours to obtain your certification through the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

The topics covered include:
• Substance-Related disorders – Including Crisis Response for an overdose.
• Mood-Related disorders – Including Crisis Response for suicidal behaviour.
• Anxiety and Trauma-Related disorders – Including Crisis Response for a panic attack & Crisis Response for acute stress reaction.
• Psychotic disorders – Including Crisis Response for a psychotic episode.

Course capacity is 24 participants. Cost per participant is $250.00.

WDDC Practice Tool Kit (WHMIS and SDS)

Your clinic, SK
Non-Scientific CE Hours: 1
Ongoing Lunch & Learns:
WDDC Practice Tool Kit Series (WHMIS & SDS). Presented by WHMIS certified WDDC representatives. This is an ongoing offer to practices and may be scheduled at your convenience.

Contact Karen Laventure 306-221-7681 or klaventure@wddc.com

The Social Side of Practice

Non-Scientific CE Hours: 20
The Social Side of Practice is a unique, fully-accredited veterinary continuing education program to balance the medical side of practice. It is designed to help veterinary practitioners and their teams do what they do even better by providing insight, guidance, and strategies on the non-medical aspects of practice. With a focus on wellness, veterinary-client-patient communication, teamwork, leadership, and organizational culture, The Social Side offers not only what is integral to practicing good medicine, but to achieving happiness and prosperity in practice.

10 CE offerings, all of which offer evidence-based content reflecting the literature in the medical and social sciences. The Social Side of Practice sessions are RACE-approved.

Sessions are provided in lecture (1 hr.) and interactive (1.5-2 hrs.) formats. We award 1 CE credit per CE hour (50 minutes) with options for 1, 1.5, or 2 CE credits/session, depending on the session length. They are offered all year around, by request, to veterinarians and their teams across Canada (in-person when geographically feasible, and via webinar otherwise).

To find out more about this RACE approved program, visit Pets Plus Us, call 1-800-700-3391 or email care@petsplusus.com

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