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New Continuing Education Criteria

At its most recent Annual General Meeting on September 7, 2018, SVMA adopted a new set of Bylaws. As per the new Bylaws, CE will continue to be evaluated according to AAVSB-RACE criteria. Members must still log a total of 30 CE hours in a two-year period, but CE credit will no longer distinguish between scientific and non-scientific content. However, CE hours claimed must fit within each member's scope of practice. These changes are now in effect, and pertain to the entire 2017-18 CE recording period.  Please refer to the CE Policy Document below for details.

Supplementary Policy Document- Continuing Education


Current & Upcoming CE Offerings

Below is a list of a variety of CE topics. SVMA-approved CE hours are included. Online CE refers to offerings by other organizations.

Please visit our Online CE Portal to view videos of current veterinary concern and answer test questions for CE credit.

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CE Events - Upcoming Events


WCABP Annual Conference

Jan 17 - Jan 19, 2019
Saskatoon, SK
CE Hours: 18
The theme for this year’s conference is Cows, Calves, Clients and Contracts. Dr. Collin Lawrence and his team of conference planners have lined up an impressive 18
hours of first-rate continuing education, designed specifically for Western Canadian veterinarians with a special interest in cattle practice.

Western Canadian One Health AMS Conference: Inspiring Action

Jan 22 - Jan 24, 2019
Regina, SK
CE Hours: 13.0
How are antibiotics used in medicine and agriculture today, and what can we do to shape the future? In both plenary and discipline-specific concurrent sessions, speakers throughout this dynamic 2-day conference will share leading edge research and successful approaches. In addition to the presentations, opportunities for interaction will be provided through Q&A, moderated discussions, networking, and a facilitated breakout session based on implementation science.

The attached poster includes information about the event, and contains links to register for the conference and book your hotel room. The registration deadline is Tuesday, January 15, but I encourage you to register early as space is limited. The conference agenda is attached, and is also posted on the Eventbrite site.

2019 SVMA Conference, AGM & Trade Expo

Sep 6 - Sep 8, 2019
Regina, SK
Mark your calendar for Saskatchewan's biggest annual networking and CE event for veterinary professionals! Details coming in 2019.


Surgical Pain Management: The decisions today can last a lifetime.

Wednesday December 19, 2018
Calgary, AB
CE Hours: 1.5
WEBINAR: Wednesday, December 19th 12pm-1:30pm
Topic: "Surgical Pain Management: The Decisions You Make Can Last a Lifetime"
Details: We will be looking specifically at perioperative and postoperative pain management, reviewing the old, introducing the new and helping you design surgical pain management plans for your individual patients. Bob works in private practise so he is very familiar with our reality and his suggestions are practical and easily implemented.

Bob would like our medical teams to send in questions in advance of the webinar if possible so he knows what areas to focus on to help our teams get the most out of his webinar. Sent the questions to karen.allen@mosiacvet.com.

Bob has a resume a mile long, that he continues to build on year after year, that demonstrates his lifelong passion and dedication to pain management in veterinary patients. He is the founder of my favourite anesthesia website Veterinary Anesthesia Support Group (www.vasg.org). A quick summary of his credentials:

Robert M. Stein, D.V.M. Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist Certified Veterinary Pain Practitioner Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist Diplomate, Academy of Integrative Pain Management Past-President, International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management drstein@vasg.org Summary · Experienced small animal practitioner with a strong academic base and eye to the future of veterinary medicine. · Keen interest in assisting students as they transition from the academic setting to the private practice arenas. · In-depth knowledge of advanced anesthesia and pain management. Capable of applying that knowledge at the private practice level. · Extensive knowledge of computers and related technology including the utilization of computer related technology to enhance veterinary practice. His full biography is at http://vasg.org/images/members/stein/Stein_CV_03-17.pdf.

Contact karen.allen@mosaicvet.com

Western Canadian Dairy Seminar

Mar 5 - Mar 8, 2019
Red Deer, AB
CE Hours: 16
The Western Canadian Dairy Seminar (WCDS; March 5-8, 2019; Sheraton Hotel, Red Deer, AB) is a place to network and gather the latest information in dairy production and technology advances. This seminar is designed for people who want to improve their knowledge and decision-making abilities in dairy production and management.

We have speakers presenting on a wide range of topics, including animal health and welfare, reproduction, nutrition, and farm management. Our 75 booth industry trade show also showcases the latest dairy-related research with a research poster display area.

View the program here or see the attached pdf. Early registration rate is $295 (until Feb 5, 2019). A student rate ($85) and part registrations (i.e., one or two days) are also available. See our registration page (www.wcds.ca/registration) for more details.


Veterinary Wellbeing Summit

Nov 17 - Nov 19, 2019
Chicago, IL, USA
This summit will bring together various individual and organizational wellbeing experts to provide education and resources for establishing healthy individuals AND healthy workplaces.

SVMA Online CE - Upcoming Events

Antimicrobial Resistance (2016)

CE Hours: 1
This is the first CE offered by SVMA in video form. It address the problem of antimicrobial resistance and how it relates to veterinary practice.

This one-hour video from the Just Like You series created by Dr Bob Bellamy (Moose Jaw, SK) can be viewed by logging in to the SVMA member's side. Answer a few short questions at the end for an hour of CE credit.

Antimicrobial Stewardship: A Practitioner's Perspective (2017)

CE Hours: 1
As a ‘sequel’ to 2016’s CE video on AMR, a followup one-hour video has been produced by Drs Bob and Cheryl Bellamy. Their video team has interviewed primary practitioners about their best practices with prudent antimicrobial use.

The video can be viewed by logging in to the SVMA member's side. Answer a few short questions at the end for an hour of CE credit.

A Conversation About Animal Welfare in Saskatchewan (2018)

CE Hours: 4
The groundbreaking CE sessions known as 'A Conversation About Animal Welfare in Saskatchewan' have been recorded and adapted into a 4-part CE video.

View answer questions after each of four (4) one-hour segments. Successful completion of all 4 segments earns registrant 4 CE hours.

Antimicrobial Stewardship: Ethical and Legal Prescribing (2018)

CE Hours: 1
On December 1, 2018, Health Canada's recent changes to the Food and Drug Act went into into effect. Several medically important antimicrobials have been moved to the veterinary version of the Prescription Drug List (PDL). This means many antibiotics previously sold as over-the-counter (OTC) products now require a prescription.

This course addresses the legal and ethical obligations that veterinary practitioners are bound to follow when using, prescribing, dispensing and selling drugs and biologics. The video portion will be followed by questions to be answered for one hour of AMS CE credit.

Social Media in Veterinary Practice (2018)

CE Hours: 3
Topics include:
- SaskVets; parameters around SVMA production of social media materials
- Provincial associations vs veterinary practices
- How to write effective posts and use photos
- Control settings and dealing with negativity
- Analytics
- Bylaws around marketing
- Important Do's and Don'ts
- Messaging about regulatory matters (changes to regulations, etc)
... and much more!

This 3 hour course is free for all veterinarians and veterinary technologists across Canada. Special thanks goes to WDDC for hosting the event and recording the video.

Webinars/Online (non-SVMA) - Upcoming Events

The VALVE Study

CE Hours: 1

The VALVE Study ‐ is triple therapy superior to double therapy for heart failure treatment due to
endocardiosis? Vasotop® (ramipril) in Addition to Lasix® and Vetmedin® in canine Endocardiosis (VALVE
Study) Gerhard Wess on behalf of the VALVE investigators

CE on your schedule - Upcoming Events


WDDC Practice Tool Kit (WHMIS and SDS)

Your clinic, SK
CE Hours: 1
Ongoing Lunch & Learns:
WDDC Practice Tool Kit Series (WHMIS & SDS). Presented by WHMIS certified WDDC representatives. This is an ongoing offer to practices and may be scheduled at your convenience.

Contact Karen Laventure 306-221-7681 or klaventure@wddc.com

IMPROMED Tips for Electronic Ordering

Your clinic, SK
CE Hours: 1
Lunch & Learns:
Setting up order points, setting minimum and maximum numbers, vendor cards and showing clinics how to use both electronic ordering bridges into WDDC.

Contact Karen Laventure 306-221-7681 or klaventure@wddc.com

Cornerstone Tips for Electronic Ordering

Your clinic, SK
CE Hours: 1
Lunch & Learns:
Setting up order points, setting minimum and maximum numbers, vendor cards and showing clinics how to use both electronic ordering bridges into WDDC.

Contact Karen Laventure 306-221-7681 or klaventure@wddc.com

AVIMARK Tips for Electronic Ordering

Your clinic, SK
CE Hours: 1
Lunch & Learns:
Setting up order points, setting minimum and maximum numbers, vendor cards and showing clinics how to use both electronic ordering bridges into WDDC.

Contact Karen Laventure 306-221-7681 or klaventure@wddc.com

Cyber Security- Safeguarding Your Practice

Your clinic, SK
CE Hours: 1
Lunch & Learns on cyber security.

Contact Karen Laventure 306-221-7681 or klaventure@wddc.com

The Social Side of Practice

CE Hours: 20
The Social Side of Practice is a unique, fully-accredited veterinary continuing education program to balance the medical side of practice. It is designed to help veterinary practitioners and their teams do what they do even better by providing insight, guidance, and strategies on the non-medical aspects of practice. With a focus on wellness, veterinary-client-patient communication, teamwork, leadership, and organizational culture, The Social Side offers not only what is integral to practicing good medicine, but to achieving happiness and prosperity in practice.

10 CE offerings, all of which offer evidence-based content reflecting the literature in the medical and social sciences. The Social Side of Practice sessions are RACE-approved.

Sessions are provided in lecture (1 hr.) and interactive (1.5-2 hrs.) formats. We award 1 CE credit per CE hour (50 minutes) with options for 1, 1.5, or 2 CE credits/session, depending on the session length. They are offered all year around, by request, to veterinarians and their teams across Canada (in-person when geographically feasible, and via webinar otherwise).

To find out more about this RACE approved program, visit Pets Plus Us, call 1-800-700-3391 or email care@petsplusus.com