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Veterinary Technologists

Veterinary technologists must be registered with the SVMA to be legally able to practice in Saskatchewan.

Veterinary Technologist Membership Categories

Requirements for Registration

To qualify for membership in the Saskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association (SVMA), an applicant must:

Application Checklist

Your RVT application cannot be processed until all the required documents have been received.

You cannot assist in the practise of veterinary medicine in Saskatchewan until you have been registered by the Saskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association.

Send all documents to:

Saskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association
202 – 224 Pacific Ave
Saskatoon, SK S7K 1N9



T. 1 (306) 955-7860 F. 1 (306) 975-0623 E.

The application process must be completed within four (4) months from the date it was initiated by the applicant or it will be considered lapsed and the process must be re-started. All applications will be processed as quickly as possible, but under no circumstances may the applicant commence practice in Saskatchewan until the application is approved and registration is confirmed.  Registration is valid until the last day of December in the year of application.

Licensing Course

All new Veterinary Technologists must take a licensing course and write and pass an exam.  The November 2019 Licensing Seminar presentations were video-recorded and we now have a 4-hour licensing course ONLINE, with four videos to watch and the exam to complete, which covers: 

  • information about being a self regulatory body,
  • the range of legislation we must abide by,
  • how the complaints process works,
  • how practice inspection works, and
  • VCPR. 

The in-person licensing seminars are being discontinued. The new online format will ensure that new members are receiving the information they need prior to (or shortly after) beginning working in Saskatchewan. The passing grade for the Licensing Exam is 80%.  The Licensing Course is $75 (+GST) and is approved for 4 CE hours. First re-write: $100; Second re-write: $250. If unsuccessful on second re-write, candidate must appear before SVMA Council.

Upon approval of SVMA membership, you will be emailed access information which will allow you to log in to the Online Classroom and register for the Licensing Course. New members must complete the new online licensing course within 30 days of membership approval.